DESALE (SR processing)

DESALE (SR processing)
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| DESALE (SR processing)

If yellowish stains of collars, cuffs, bed sheets, etc. could be easily removed...! Shikibo grappled with this problem and developed fiber material that prevents stain-causing sebum from penetrating the fiber inside and re-adhering. Stains of collars and cuffs, and sweat stains can be easily removed by laundry of general household. In addition, because "SR-treated" requires only a small amount of detergent to be cleaned, effects of laundry wastes on the environment can be reduced.


SR-treated is the treatment that makes stains easily removable by laundry and prevents stains from re-adhering to laundry.
*SR is an acronym of soil release and means that adhering stains are easily removed.


Features :

  1. Even persistent stains such as sebum, etc. can be easily removed
  2. SR treatment provides wash durability and maintains fiber texture, too
  3. Because of water-absorbency, the fabric absorbs sweat and presents comfortable and pleasant feel to wear
  4. Combined use with no-iron wrinkle free treatment is possible