Woven Running
| Cottex_Eco

Cottex_Eco is produced from linter - the short, downy fiber that enfolds and protects the cotton seed. Unlike many other natural fibers with irregular cross section, Cottex has an almost perfectly round shape. As a result, Cottex is more vibrant and luster like silk.


Moreover, different from cotton yarn and rayon, Cottex_Eco's multiporous surface is non-adhesive to our skin, excellent dyeing and moisture absorption

Cottex_Eco is biodegradable by soil, for example, if it is buried during summer (35°C, humidity 80%) for 2 months, half of the weight will be washed out.


Application for Menswear, Sportswear, Outerwear is actually looking for clothing that can let us move
freely, and Cottex_Eco can bring it all to you but still keeping it’s elegant. and The luxury of softness, smoothness is brought by Cottex_Eco.