C.O.M.F [ Quick-drying shirting ]

C.O.M.F [ Quick-drying shirting ]
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| C.O.M.F [ Quick-drying shirting ]

By excellent sweat absorbent quick-drying function of the double-layer structure formed by cotton on the surface and polyester on the back, C.O.M.F. can quickly absorbs sweat on the skin side. The high sweat-absorption and quick-drying function provides brisk and fresh wear comfort at any time. C.O.M.F use sweat-absorbent quick-drying material with pleasant wear comfort is suitable for someone who enjoys doing outdoor exercises and long-term outdoor worker.


Safety Test:

  • 1. Acquires antibacterial treatment SEK mark ( red and Orange )
  • 2. The treated cloth has cleared all the reference values of safety test items (80 items including presence of formalin, free amine, toxic chlorine compounds, heavy metal, insecticide, herbicide, hazardous phenol, etc.) in TUV Rheinland*(Germany), the world authority of technical inspection.



  • Content: Cotton and Polyester
  • Yarn Count: 40's - 70's 
  • Width:57/58
  • Weight: 137 - 152
  • Finishing: C.O.M.F Quick-drying finishing
  • Produced from Japan