SMART FUNCTION [ ROOM DRY @ temperature cooling shirting]

SMART FUNCTION [ ROOM DRY @ temperature cooling shirting]
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| SMART FUNCTION [ ROOM DRY @ temperature cooling shirting]


SMART FUNCTION can adjust your body temperature in the room temperature of 20 Degree Celsius automatically. Therefore, SMART FUNCTION is very suitable for different people. When the temperature is below 20 degrees, SMART FUNCTION will absorb our sweat to produce body heat so as to warm our body;

Oppositely, its unique cooling effect will make you feel comfortable anytime.

SMART FUNCTION can dry quickly that suited for in-room drying. SMART FUNCTION has excellent quick drying function that suppresses bacteria proliferation that causes odor, which is suitable for different uniforms and clothes. Therefore, its super fast room dry function can let you feel reliable if you wash your clothes at home.


Safety Test:

  • - Acquires antibacterial treatment SEK mark ( red and Orange )
  • - The treated cloth has cleared all the reference values of safety test items (80 items including presence of formalin, free amine, toxic chlorine compounds, heavy metal, insecticide, herbicide, hazardous phenol, etc.) in TUV Rheinland*(Germany), the world authority of technical inspection.



  • Content: 100% Cotton or  Cotton and Polyester
  • Yarn Count: 40's - 70's
  • Width: 57/58
  • Weight: 137 - 152
  • Finishing: Cooling effect
  • Produced from Japan