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Cotton TENCEL®
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CoTencel® is a “Natural Connection”, the new marketing concept especially for Tencel / Cotton blends, at the textile trade fairs in Paris.

The two cellulose fibers, Tencel and cotton, are ideal partners. They go together perfectly and enhance each other with their properties. Both fibers are from nature and possess similar properties such as good breathing properties. A blend with 30% Tencel gives cotton fabrics a new definition. As a result of adding Tencel, the fabric’s handfeel, moisture management and sheen can be enhanced. Thus the innovation potential for CoTencel® fabrics is created. With this initiative, we are presenting our new blends of CoTencel® content into all range of our fabric collection for the season.

With a mixture of Tencel / Cotton, the yarn values can be considerably improved with regard to the strength and regularity. These positive effects can be transferred to the final product and lead to a more attractive fabric with better performance values. Combining long-staple cotton with Tencel can give a totally new definition of “Lxury cotton fabric” that can not be able to be fulfil with pure cotton material. CoTencel® is a perfectly new improved form of apparel material representing quality and better visual appearance.


CoTencel® Properties

Some main characteristics of CoTencel®:

  • Smooth softness and absorbent
  • Very strong and durable when wet or dry
  • Naturally resistant to wrinkles
  • Machine / Hand-washable or dry cleaned
  • Drapes very well and obtain a very silky touch
  • can be dyed many brilliant colors

Smooth Softness

Since the textile has a smooth surface, the softness is appreciable and prevents irritations to the skin. Thus, CoTencel® fabric gives an optimal skin feeling results from their smooth fiber surface.